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Conditional Access System

“GeoTelecommunications”, LLC offers broadcasters the following options to ensure the content security:

  • encryption of television channels with Irdeto conditional access system;
  • encryption of television channels with a client’s conditional access system;
  • encryption of television channels simultaneously with a client’s CA system and Irdeto CA system (Simulcrypt).

The conditional access system we use is a product of Irdeto company - one of the world’s leaders of digital content security and media technologies development. Irdeto CA systems protect all kinds of content transmitted via any network type to any sort of equipment. Irdetotechnologies are used by more than 500 millions of customers on over 1 billion of devices and applications.

Operating CA systems our technical centre provides necessary redundancy service and the highest security level. The shift personnel supports functioning of our complex 24 hours a day.

GT services, providing security against unauthorized access to TV channels, guarantee your content safety and legitimacy of its use.

Receiving equipment

To receive television channels encrypted with Irdeto CA system our company recommends cable operators to use the following receiving and demodulating equipment:

set-top boxes with embedded Irdeto encryption
for set-top boxes with CI interface