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Company History


MediaTelecomCenter (MTC) was completed and opened, the company was relocated to a new building. The entire technical infrastructure was also gradually transferred to a new teleport MTC. GeoTelecommunications LLC started to provide services with the use of the satellite Yamal-401. The company participates in new projects, provides technical support to the project TERUS distributing a package of Russian TV channels in the MENA region.


ABS-2 satellite was successfully launched at the orbital position 75 ° E on February 7. The Russian beam of the satellite has a unique footprint covering most of the territory of Russia, CIS, Baltic and Eastern European countries. After testing the characteristics of ABS-2 and confirmation of the high expected energy parameters, at the end of March 2014 commercial operation of the satellite began and phased transfer of TV and radio channels from ABS-1 satellite to ABS-2 satellite was carried.


In order to extend the possibilities of rendering communication services and further development of GT company, it is decided to start the construction of the new teleport in Moscow. The new teleport is planned to start functioning by the launch of ABS-2.


It is decided to participate, together with GTSS company, in the project on construction and use of a new communication satellite ABS-2, which will replace ABS-1 satellite in 2013.


The company provides delivery of TV content from the Olympic Games in China for "Channel One" Russia.


GeoTelecommunications LLC., together with DalGeoCom LLC., launches a “Raduga-TV” DTH-platform. The platform is formed on the basis of ABS-1 (former LMI-1) satellite and GeoTelecommunications’ teleport. At present “Raduga-TV” numbers over 90 Russian and foreign TV channels and more than 200 000 subscribers.


The growth of demand for the Playout service stimulates GT to carry out a large-scale upgrade of the control room. At present the company provides the Playout service to 16 TV channels.


In order too expand the range of services for broadcasters it is decided to introduce a service of 24-hour TV broadcast provision (i.e. “Playout”) and to build a control room for this purpose. GT company puts into operation the control room for 4 channels and starts providing the service.


LMI-1 communication satellite serves as basic for the arrangement of the multi-channel platform, containing state and private TV channels, providing content for cable operators in the territory of Russia and CIS. GT company becomes the main operator of the LMI-1 Northern Beam, and all 8 transponders of the Northern beam of the Ku-band of the satellite pass under the control of GTSS company (Luxembourg), which forms, together with GT, a part of a single holding. The same year GT company starts rendering the data transmission services via VSAT systems.


The company expands the sphere of its activity by providing broadcasters with telecoms services on the basis of LMI-1 (75°Е) satellite.


The Ministry of Communications of Russia issues GeoTeleCommunications its first license, for the provision of communication services; GT starts construction of its teleport in Moscow. The teleport is equipped with the most advanced facilities; fiber-optic communication lines link it to the main switching nodes of various telecoms companies. The company starts to serve its first customers.


Foundation of GeoTelecommunications LLC (GT). The company was created for the provision of various types of telecoms services on the basis of Sirius and Express satellites. The first telecoms project of GT was participation in substitution of troposcatter communication links by digital satellite communication channels in the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia. The project was performed in cooperation with RSCC (Russian Satellite Communications Company), “Vostokinfokosmos” CJSC and Spetsstroy of Russia.