Launch of ABS-2 satellite

The launch and start of the commercial use of ABS-2 satellite, manufactured by Space Systems/Loral, is scheduled by Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) Company, the owner of the satellite, for the first quarter of 2014. The satellite will be launched at 75E and it will replace ABS-1 satellite, operating there at present. Exceeding ABS-1 in its technical parameters, ABS-2 will become one of the most high-end spacecrafts designed for communication service provision on the territory of Russia, South-East Asia, Middle East and Africa. Russian beam of the satellite will cover the most part of the territory of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.

ABS-2, Russian beam, Ku-band

ABS-2_KuBand_Russia (Jul 2012)-мал2.jpg

GeoTelecommunications, LLC will have at its disposal 9 ABS-2 transponders of 54 MHz each. This will let our company transfer to the new satellite all its clients, now working via ABS-1, and remarkably extend its opportunities in service provision for the new clients. For the purposes of provision of the earth basis for rendered services, GeoTelecommunications company has started construction of MediaTelecomCenter in Moscow, which is to be finished by the launch of ABS-2. As a part of MTC, a new generation teleport will be built. Teleport will be equipped with new up-to-date antenna systems (up to 9 meters in diameter) and technical facilities for provision of the full range of communication services, including MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 TV signal transmission, to broadcasters. The customers will also be offered new possibilities in HD signal transmission. Arrangement of satellite communication channels for data transmission (including VSAT) for Internet access provision, Voice over IP, videoconferencing and other IP-services will also enter advanced technology level.